Celia's Gift

This is a tune I wrote in honor of my dear friend, Celia Finestone, shortly before she passed on. She was a kind, generous, and amazing person who blessed me in many ways.
I will never forget her.

Celia's Gift on Youtube

The music score of the tune is available here for free download. If you do this, please comsider making a donation of any size in honor of Celia Finestone to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Click for a PDF of Celia's Gift.


Jo's Books

Jo has several excellent books of harp arrangements. The links below take you to information about each book.
  • The Beginning Harper's Tunebook s a collection of very easy arrangements of traditional tunes.

  • Christmas Gifts is a collection of 26 Christmas and winter tunes for the holiday season, including both easy and more elaborate arrangements, plus eleven scores for other instruments.

  • Flights of Fantasy is a collection of the music recorded on Jo Morrison's Flights of Fantasy CD. All tunes were written by Jo.

  • The Three Musics of the Celtic Harp book contains the arrangements of many of the tunes from Jo's The Three Musics recording and 12 from A Waulking Tour of Scotland. The book includes lyrics and musical scores for additional instruments on some tunes.

  • The Morrison Scottish Repertoire Book contains twelve each of Marches, Strathspeys, and Reels. Each tune is arranged in two keys, with a simpler and more difficult arrangement. The book is ideal for those looking for repertoire to build Scottish tune sets, for performance or competition.


Coming from Somerset?

PDFs of the tunes Jo played in her Sunday afternoon concert may be purchased (via PayPal) by clicking on the links below. Clicking the links will add your choices to a shopping cart; be sure to click the "Checkout" button when you have completed making your selections.