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The Three Musics Book

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The Three Musics of the Celtic Harp

A Collection of Celtic Tunes

This new collection of 35 tunes contains harp arrangements from all of the three musics required of ancient harpers: the music of mirth, the music of sorrow, and the music of sleep.

Most of these tunes appear on Jo's recordings, including 18 from The Three Musics and 12 from A Waulking Tour of Scotland. Also included are music parts for other instruments for 12 of the tunes and lyrics for 10 of them.

The tunes included are:

Arran Boat Song King of Laois
Banks of Lochiel* Lament for Ravenscraig
The Beautiful Youth Mairi's Wedding*+
Bonawe Highlanders Mermaid's Song*+
Bonny Dundee* New Claret
Bressay Lullaby* North Brig o' Edinburgh
Chiorsdain's Lullaby O' a' the Airts*
Clergy's Lamentation+ The Old Wife of the Milldust+
Coolin Hills+ Reel Stirling
Devil in the Kitchen The Rights of Man
East Neuk of Fife+ 'S Ann an Ile*
Fanny Power+ Shoals of Herring+
Fear a' Bhta* Skye Boat Song*
The Ghost of Elgin+ Sleep Soond ida Morning
The Goat and the Mare+ They Stole My Wife Last Night+
The Hawk that Swoops on High* The Three Musics+
Huntingtone Castle Willafjord
Kid on the Mountain

* includes lyrics + includes other instrumental part(s)

Spiral bound, 78 pages.

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