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Flights of Fantasy PDF of full book

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Flights of Fantasy Music Book

This collection of 25 original tunes was inspired by Scotland, the Northern Lights, waterfalls, friends, mountains, Renaissance festivals, and dancing bison. The tunes range from emotional airs to upbeat strathspeys and reels, all painting vivid musical pictures.

Flights of Fantasy is all the music from Jo's recording by the same title. You can hear clips of this music here.

Also includes two easier arrangements of tunes, several scores for melody instruments, two harp accompaniment parts to go with a melody instrument, and the piano score for Nature's Gifts.

Tunes included are:

Beannan Mor (air)
Chasing the Wind (strathspey)
The Big Storm (reel)
Lights Over Tolstachaolais (air)
Imprudent Hike Up Storm Castle (6/8 march)
The Dark Descent (strathspey)
Deerfield on the Potomac (air)
Rainy Day March (9/8 march)
The Juggler (6/8 march)
Courtly Ladies (strathspey)
Nature's Gifts: Sacred Earth (air)
Nature's Gifts: Rushing Water (reel)
Bridge to Dun Eistein (2/4 march)
Sticky Fingers (strathspey)
Jenny Lake (air)
Bison Dance (strathspey)
Moose Falls (reel)
Elegy for Lisa (air)
Return to Tolstachaolais (air)
Hillwalking in Tolstachaolais (strathspey)
A Ceilidh Air Laura 's Justin (reel)
Gun Mo Leannan (air)
Le Mo Leannan (air)
Two-Pint Tony (air)
Gordon and Linda (air)

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